Affiliate program

Partner referral program of the platform CryptoSocrat

Participation in the partner program is a great opportunity to earn money not only on the growth of cryptocurrencies, but also on attracting new active users of the CryptoSocrat platform. This is a great way to get real and beloved by everybody so-called passive income. Payments for users attracted by the referral program will be credited to you during the existing of the CryptoSocrat platform.

How to become a member of the partner referral program?

To participate in the referral program, you need to register on the website or in the application and share a special link created specifically for you. You can do this by any means available to you: distribute the link among friends and acquaintances, in social networks, post in blogs, on bulletin boards, mention in newsletters, etc. At the same time, to increase the interest, it is useful to comment on the link with your own impressions about the usefulness of the platform, tell about your personal conviction in the future of cryptocurrencies and their imminent growth, as well as about how to make money using the application and the website of the CryptoSocrat platform.

It does not matter when the user who came to your referral link, creates his account immediately or later. The website CryptoSocrat will remember that for the first time a visitor came through your link exactly, and if he visits the website himself, he will still become your referral and will bring you profit. More precisely, the platform itself will share with you the profit from the financial operations of this user.

If you do not share a link, but a special code you received in the partner section of the application, do not forget to remind your future referrals that they need to enter your code in a special section of the application.

Partner referral program terms and conditions

  1. Partner referral program platform CryptoSocrat is a one-level and eternal. Partners are paid 20% of the platform's revenue from all users attracted by them during the existing of the platform.
  2. The partner gets 20% of revenue platform (more about this under "what does income of the platform CryptoSocrat consist of") from each user that signed up through your referral link and transferred to your account not less than 100 USD.

  3. Payment of reward is possible provided that your accumulated income from participation in the partner program has reached the amount of 10 USD or exceeded it.

  4. Income from participation in the partner program can be obtained by withdrawing the earned amount to your cryptocurrency portfolio placed on the CryptoSocrat platform. The income will be transferred to your portfolio in Crysto tokens, which can later be converted to any other cryptocurrency, you may pay for the portfolio change operation with a 50% discount or withdraw to your credit card or bank account.

What does income of the CryptoSocrat platform consist of?

  1. Selling own tokens
    Upon receipt of money to the user's account, the platform automatically places 5% of the deposited funds in the user's portfolio in its own Crysto tokens. The money from the sale of these tokens is used by the platform CryptoSocrat for development the project, the conversion of fiat funds in cryptocurrency and forming part of the income of the platform.

  2. Commission for cryptocurrency transactions
    The cost of the platform's commission for reinvesting the cryptocurrency portfolio, paid in the platform's own tokens is 0.3% of the current account amount. If the user will pay commission for reinvestment using other cryptocurrencies, the cost of commission will be 0.6% of the current account.

Control of partner program referral reward

Your personal account on the Referral program page will contain the necessary information about your referrals whose investments exceeded 100 USD. In order to preserve their anonymity, you will only have access to information about the time of registration of each individual referral, and the amount of your income from his activity on the CryptoSocrat platform. There you can see the total amount of your income from participation in the partner program, the amount of funds transferred to you under the partner program and order a transfer if the accumulated income exceeds 10 USD.