• Is "CryptoSocrat" cryptofund or crypto currency exchange?

    "CryptoSocrat" is an investment platform for multiplying your wealth, consisting of a website and a mobile application. "CryptoSocrat" is a reliable cryptocurrency fund with trust management. We created it, first of all, as a fund for long-term accumulation and multiplication of pension capital. But you can successfully make investments for shorter periods, for example, for several years. Another purpose of the platform is simple exchange trading. Keep track of cryptocurrencies that have growth trends and invest a larger percentage of your cryptocurrency portfolio in them. 

    You should know that futurists predict a quick change of the financial system, based on the contemporary fiat money - rubles, dollars, euros, etc. They will be replaced by a financial system based on cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. On the way are the global cryptocurrencies with a high value, for example, Ton and Gram - cryptocurrencies which the Telegram going to release. 

    Cryptocurrencies are sure to be released by Google and Facebook. Some States that are under sanctions, and not only them, have already started to issue their own cryptocurrencies. As new global and growing cryptocurrencies are released, we will offer you to include them in your investment portfolios.

  • What are the advantages of "CryptoSocrat" platform?

    1. Solves the main financial problem of our time-the compatibility of cryptocurrencies and fiat money. It’s easy to transfer money from a credit card, bank account or payment system and then withdraw it back with a low fee.
    2. Provides reliable trust storage of users’ investments on cold cryptocurrency wallets, which operate without Internet connection. 
    3. Allows you to multiply the investments contained in the investment portfolio,in accordance with the growth of cryptocurrencies.
    4. Provides users with the opportunity to independently form the percentage of the cryptocurrency portfolio, based on their own preferences.
    5. Guarantees reverse payments in accordance with the Smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20.
    6. Provides an opportunity at any time to see the change in the value of the investment portfolio in US dollars on the website and on the smartphone screen. 
    7. Gives advice on the correction of the investment portfolio in accordance with the forecasts of changes in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies. (But,as you know, forecasts should be treated with caution).
  • How do I start using the CryptoSocrat app/website?

    1. Download the CryptoSocrat app to your Android smartphone in Google Play or create account on the website by clicking the “Sign in” button. Accounts in the application and on the website are interconnected, after identification you will be able to use them both.
    2. If you have installed the app on your smartphone, enter your phone number, get a PIN code and enter it.
    3. If you create an account on the website, enter your phone number and create a password.
    4. Top up your account with a credit card. A little later we will add other payment systems.
    5. Upon receipt of the account, your funds will be automatically distributed in a pre-installed investment portfolio consisting of 9 cryptocurrencies.
    6. Monitor the status of investment portfolio using your current account in US dollars online on the "Investment portfolio" tab. 
    7. Change the percentage distribution of cryptocurrencies in your investment portfolio at your own discretion.
    8. Track the receipt and debiting of money on the "Payment history" tab.
    9. Be sure to fill out all sections of your profile with your personal information. If desired, enter the details of your heir.
    10. Withdraw money from your account at any time via credit card from the "Withdraw savings" tab.
    11. Increase your own wealth in accordance with the growth of cryptocurrency investment portfolio.
    12. Earn money with the Partner program by attracting other users. 
    13. Play on the increase and decrease of cryptocurrency rates on a simple mini-exchange platform.
    14. Don't forget to update the app, we will add new useful features.
    15. We are working on the release of application for iOS smartphones. I hope in the 3rd quarter of 2019 you will be able to download the application CryptoSocrat in AppStore to your Apple smartphone.
    16. We are also working on the release of Premium application with advanced features-CryptoSocrat Gold, it’s going to be released by the end of 2019.
  • Where should I create a "CryptoSocrat" account in the app or on the website?

    Accounts on the website and in the application are equivalent. You can have a personal account both on the website and in the application. Moreover, once you have an account on the website, you can download the application, go through the authorization procedure and then use the application under the same account. Same goes if you first started an account in the application, then after authorization, you can use the same personal account on the website. They are equivalent, have the same functionality and keep the same information about all changes in your current account and cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • Is "CryptoSocrat" a crypto-wallet?

    No, "CryptoSocrat" is not a crypto-wallet. This is a cryptocurrency fund with trust management for long-term (in most cases) investments, because cryptocurrencies do not grow significantly in a couple of days. You will not be able to quickly dispose of funds in cryptocurrency from the platform's cryptocurrency accounts or pay for purchases in cryptocurrency.

  • Why online crypto-wallets are not suitable for long-term storage of cryptocurrencies?

    Any online crypto-wallet is much easier to crack, because it is primarily intended for storing small amounts in cryptocurrency for the purpose of operational use, payment for goods and services. We store users' money on cold cryptocurrency offline wallets, which are managed from computers that do not have access to the Internet. They're impossible to hack. This guarantees safety of your funds. We don’t need to keep large amounts on transit online accounts, because we are a crypto fund and intended primarily for long-term investments. But crypto-wallets and crypto-exchanges are forced to keep money for quick turnover on accounts available online, so they are often attacked by hackers and stealing of solid amounts of crypto-currency.

  • What happens if I lose access to my CryptoSocrat account?

    Nothing bad will happen, You will not lose a cent. This is the main advantage of the trust fund CryptoSocrat. We will definitely help you regain access to your account and manage your account.

    The main identifier of the entire CryptoSocrat platform is your personal phone number. Therefore, if you have lost your smartphone or SIM card, immediately let us know in the feedback form. And taking your passport, restore your SIM card from the mobile operator. And after the recovery immediately let us know in the feedback form.

    An additional identifier of you as an account owner is a password, it is used to log in to your personal account on the platform's website. Write it down on paper and keep it in a safe place. 


    After you have created an account on the platform and transferred money, be sure to fill in all sections of the profile with personal information. Full verification of your personal data is necessary to withdraw money to a credit card, to restore your account in case of loss of access and transfer your contribution to the heirs. 

    If you do not fill in your account profile with your personal information, the platform will not be able to guarantee the recovery of access in case of its loss.

    In case of loss of access, we will re-identify your identity and restore access to your account. If you have entered the data of your heir during the account registration, if necessary, he will be able to get access to your account after full verification and dispose of the funds on it.

    We closely check the data of the owner when withdrawing funds from the current account, usually the funds are withdrawn to the same card from which they were transferred. If the card is lost or expired, a new card is attached to the account after additional identification. 

    Keep in mind that cryptocurrency investors who use their own cryptocurrency accounts to store coins often lose their passwords and private keys. It is believed that the owners of Bitcoins have already lost 40% of all issued coins. And this is a little bit much-about 7 million bitcoins, a huge amount at the current rate. Note that if you have lost access to a cryptocurrency wallet, it will NOT be restored to you by anyone ever! Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and they do not have unified management and supervision systems. However, our fund will be able to restore access precisely because we are a trust fund. All coins bought on your fiat money, are stored in the depository of the fund in the form of physical cryptocurrency consolidated on a cold wallets without a connection to the Internet.

  • Can I transfer and withdraw funds in cryptocurrency?

    You can, but for this you will need to have a Premium account, make a request and get to your e-mail cryptocurrency account to transfer or withdraw your chosen cryptocurrency. We plan to launch Premium accounts in mid-2019.

  • Why cryptocurrency portfolio contains multiple cryptocurrencies?

    Investments in the most reliable and largest in terms of capitalization of crypto currency are much more reliable than investments in one crypto currency. Thus, you "put eggs in different baskets", and this is the main rule of any investment. The application allows you to change the percentage distribution of cryptocurrency investment portfolio at your request. You can invest 100% in one cryptocurrency or any number up to nine. Over time, we will add other cryptocurrencies to the app. This will expand your investment opportunities.

    The platform distributes your first investment into a cryptocurrency portfolio in the following proportions: Bitcoin - 60%, Ethereum - 5%, Litecoin - 5%, Monero - 5%, EOS - 5%, Cardano - 5%, Stellar - 5%, Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash - 5%, Crysto - 5%, Tether - 0%.

    This distribution of cryptocurrencies is a kind of constructor (pattern) for further distribution of the contribution between cryptocurrencies according to the user's preference.

    Repeated investments will be automatically distributed according to your preferences in the cryptocurrencies you have already chosen and 5% in Crysto.

  • Why is there a Crysto platform token in the cryptocurrency portfolio?

    Crysto (CRST) is a token (coin), which the platform “CryptoSocrat” emits itself. The cost of the Crysto token before entering the crypto-exchange (listing) is fixed and is 1 US cent (0.01 US dollar). After the listing on crypto-exchanges, which is scheduled for mid-2019, the value of the token will be quoted according to the exchange rate, as well as the rest of the crypto-currencies of your investment portfolio. Placement of a 5% deposit in Crysto tokens is necessary to pay for the conversion of fiat funds into cryptocurrencies, payments under the referral program and further development of the platform.

    1. The main advantage of using Crysto tokens for the user is a 50% discount when reinvesting the crypto-currency portfolio, that is changing the proportions of investments in various crypto-currencies. For example, you trust Bitcoin and Monero the most and reinvest the portfolio by placing all funds in these cryptocurrencies. Still, this operation may be required in a situation where you will need to fix the profit in the Tether or completely go to the Tether during the Dump - general decline in the cryptocurrency rate.
    2. The platform's own token Crysto is used to pay earnings on the partner, referral program.
    3. Also Crysto token will be used to charge a subscription fee for the use of a Premium account, which extends the application to the level of an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange. The release of Premium accounts is planned in mid-2019, track information in the "news" section in the application and on the website.
  • Why is there stablecoin Tether in the cryptocurrency portfolio?

    Cryptocurrency Tether (Thether, USDT) belongs to the class of stablecoins - cryptocurrencies tied to the value of any tangible asset. For example, gold, silver, euro, US dollar or english pound sterling. Stablecoin Tether is tied to the value of the US dollar. Given the fact that the currency of payments on the platform "CryptoSocrat" is the US dollar, for convenience of calculations, we chose Tether. It should be noted that the Tether rate is floating, but in a small range of prices, mainly from 0.97 to 1.03 US dollars. For calculations on the platform, we use average Tether rate equal to 1 US dollar. The company that produces stablecoin Tether claims that to ensure the real value of the Tether, it holds on accounts the amount of US dollars equal to the issue of stablecoin. And although the crypto community doubts this fact, it actively continues to use the Tether to make profit or go to stablecoin with the cryptocurrency Pump. Why is this happening? Tether is really in demand and traders of cryptocurrency exchanges need it. And what are the other cryptocurrencies provided with? The question, of course, is rhetorical. Perhaps only because they are extremely easy to use, and therefore people need them at this stage of their development.

  • Which currency is for the platform “CryptoSocrat” current accouts?

    Current accounts on the CryptoSocrat platform are maintained in US dollars. Today it is the most popular and stable world fiat currency. It is used as a reserve by all countries of the world. 

    In case of a fall or sharp inflation of the US dollar, the platform will keep records in another reserve and stable world currency. Recalculation will be done without consequences for the users, because your investment is stored in so-called physical cryptocurrency for real, cold crypto-wallets without access to the Internet.

  • What is the responsibility of the platform, whether my investment is insured?

    No, your investment is not insured. All investments in cryptocurrency assets you make at your own risk. The risk of your investment is the unpredictable price movements of the cryptocurrency. The exchange rate of cryptocurrencies can both rise and fall. You should be absolutely clear that no one can give you a guarantee that cryptocurrency rates will only grow. You should not believe any predictions about changes in cryptocurrency rates. 

    Platform "CryptoSocrat" guarantees:

    • Enrollment of funds to your cryptocurrency portfolio according to current cryptocurrency rates at the time of depositing your funds.
    • Recalculation of funds to your cryptocurrency portfolio in accordance with the current rates of cryptocurrencies at the moment of reinvestment.
    • Withdrawals from your cryptocurrency portfolio in accordance with the current cryptocurrency rates at the moment of withdrawal.

    When depositing and withdrawing funds, payment systems, banks and credit card acquirers charge additional fees in accordance with their tariffs, on which the CryptoSocrat platform has no influence.

    Platform "CryptoSocrat" is not able to guarantee the operation of any cryptocurrencies and can not exclude the cases of their termination, rates, working efficiency, scam, and other consequences.

    Cryptocurrency rates are determined by the consent of cryptocurrency owners to sell them, and cryptocurrency buyers to buy them at this price. Consensus on the price of cryptocurrencies is achieved only on cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform "CryptoSocrat" is focused exactly on average rates of cryptocurrency exchanges defining conversion rates of cryptocurrencies with enrollment, deposits and withdrawals of the user. 

    Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, prone to softfork and hardfork separation of cryptocurrency. 

    The platform cannot guarantee complete safety, but will take all possible measures to avoid loss of your funds in the following cases:

    • During soft forks and hard forks of the cryptocurrency;
    • During the cease functioning, rates or a scam of one of the cryptocurrencies.
  • How to increase capital by simply investing in a crypto Fund?

    Long-term monitoring of the courses of the most capital intensive cryptocurrencies shows their constant growth. For example, Bitcoin has increased in price in 8 years by 1,300,000 times. Dash has grown in 4 years to 1020 times. Ethereum has grown 200 times in 3 years. We understand that the previous growth of cryptocurrencies is not a guarantee of their growth in the future. But we all hope so. In fact, it is a matter of faith. Our faith is nourished by the fact that cryptocurrencies have undeniable advantages over fiat money, and therefore are in demand by mankind at this stage of its development.

    If you believe in the growth of cryptocurrencies and understand the responsibility of your steps to invest in them, you can invest your fiat funds in a cryptocurrency portfolio of the eight most capital-intensive cryptocurrencies in the world. 

    The CryptoSocrat platform converts your funds into cryptocurrencies and places them on consolidated, cold cryptocurrency wallets with the highest degree of protection, i.e. directs your funds to its own cryptocurrency depository. Now your invested funds will change in proportion to the movement of cryptocurrency rates of your investment portfolio. You will be able to observe this movement in your application or in your personal account on the platform's website in real time. You can choose from the proposed cryptocurrencies those you trust more, reinvest the investment portfolio or leave the portfolio as it is. For a justified choice of cryptocurrencies, you will need to make inquiries about them on the Internet. But if you do not want to delve into the world of cryptocurrency or you do not have time for it, you can not change anything. In this case, You will not spend money on reinvesting the cryptocurrency portfolio, but simply wait for its growth.

    Long-term observations of the movement of cryptocurrency rates show a steady growth of major cryptocurrencies for at least two years. 

    Therefore, we strongly recommend you not to invest in cryptocurrencies:

    • Money you have borrowed.
    • Money that you may need urgently in less than a year.
    • The last or only money you have.

    In crypto-currencies, you should invest money that you will not be so sorry to lose. Of course, it is a pity to lose any money, but, alas, it is so. We recommend that you invest gradually, for example, monthly relatively small amounts. Thus, in our opinion, it is possible to create the basis of your pension capital, the relevance of which is now understood by everyone who cares about their own future.

  • How can I make money on the Partner program?

    The platform "CryptoSocrat" has partner referral program that allows users to earn income from their attracted users. To attract, use a referral link on the website or a special code obtained in the affiliate section of the application.

    Payments under the referral program make up 20% of the platform's income and last forever. More information about the features of the referral program can be found on the page "Partner program".

  • How can I make money on mini-exchange of the platform?

    The investment system of the CryptoSocrat platform is a simple and intuitive cryptocurrency exchange. On it you can invest in several (from 1 to 10) cryptocurrencies and see the result: growth or fall of the current account in US dollars in real time.

    The essence of trading on cryptocurrency courses is that you need to buy cryptocurrencies, or rather invest in them in your portfolio at minimum rates, when cryptocurrencies have fallen in price. Accordingly, you need to sell them at the maximum rates. It is clear that it is not easy to look into the future and learn the course of cryptocurrencies, but sometimes it is possible. Especially if you do not be very greedy and do not try to earn as much as possible. As they say: "the Best is the enemy of the good"!

    So, You are on the thorny path of a novice cryptocurrency trader. First, you need to analyze the upward trends of cryptocurrencies from your investment portfolio. This can be done on the charts of the application tab/page of the site "overview of cryptocurrencies". More accurate analysis can be done on the website: https://coinmarketcap.com/. You need to find a significant "hook up" on the weekly or daily chart of the cryptocurrency rate, or rather, the beginning of this hook. Do not hurry, it is possible that at this moment all the cryptocurrencies are falling and you need to wait for the beginning of growth.

    Then you need to reinvest your cryptocurrency portfolio by transferring funds to the chosen cryptocurrency or several growing cryptocurrencies. The fact is that cryptocurrencies often grow synchronously, together with bitcoin. It like a locomotive pulls the entire composition of the crypto currency. But some of them grow faster, some slower. This process is often cyclical: first growth, followed by a fall.

    Do not forget to remove the locks from the cryptocurrency, the composition of which in the portfolio you want to change. And leave the locks in front of those cryptocurrencies, the composition of which you are not going to change.

    For any reinvestment of the cryptocurrency portfolio, a fee of 0.3% of the current value of the portfolio in the Crysto platform's own tokens or 0.6% in any other cryptocurrency is charged. To get a 50% discount on reinvestment, try to keep the necessary stock of Crysto tokens in your portfolio. 

    In order to earn, it is necessary that your new portfolio has grown at least above the reinvestment rate - 0.3%. But you may not wait long, you need to stop in time and make a profit. Profit taking can be done in the stablecoin Tether. There are two options for profit taking:

    1. Draw to the Tether only earned on the trading part of the profit, with the exception of 0.3%.
    2. Wait for the end of the cryptocurrency growth and withdraw the entire amount of the current account to the Tether.

    Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first method, a limited amount of cryptocurrencies will participate in the further growth. Both in the first, and in the second ways it is difficult to predict when the growth will end, and begin to fall. And if the growth of cryptocurrencies continues after you have gone to the Tether, you will lose your profit.

    We should not forget that cryptocurrencies are unpredictable and poorly amenable to technical analysis. However, their rise and fall always occur in waves. Try to learn from your mistakes, analyze cryptocurrency charts and predict the further movement of rates. 

    It is also worth considering that with the overall growth of cryptocurrency your cryptocurrency portfolio will still grow, even if you do not engage in trading at all and leave the portfolio in a static state for a long time. But with a severe general drop in cryptocurrencies, it is very useful to completely withdraw funds to the Tether. 

    And remember that cryptocurrencies live their own lives, and we can't manage them. They are extremely volatile, but you can make money on it!

  • What additional features does the Premium account provide?

    1. Expanding the number of cryptocurrencies in the investment portfolio to the 21st.
    2. Access to "Tips analysts" surveys and forecasts of the behaviour of cryptocurrencies.
    3. Representation of leverage from 2 to 5 depending on the size of the subscription fee.
    4. Fast crediting when depositing and withdrawing funds in fiat money.
    5. Enrollment and withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency with lower percentage for transactions.
    6. The hour chart of the selected cryptocurrency is displayed in the slider.
    7. Custom "Stop-loss" that sends Push notifications to the user when reaching a certain value of increase/reduction of income.
    8. When providing a Premium account, the user will be charged a monthly subscription fee of $10 to $60 in Crysto tokens.

    You can subscribe to the news about the launch of Premium accounts.

  • What is blockchain?

    Blockchain is a distributed database in which storage devices are not connected to a shared server. This database stores an ever-growing list of ordered records called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block. The database is stored on millions of users' computers and cannot be destroyed or hacked. For example, each Bitcoin transaction is confirmed by a minimum of 8 independent places. And most importantly, it is impossible to use one coin twice, because before confirming the transfer-transaction, all blocks are checked since the launch of the blockchain of this cryptocurrency.

  • What are cryptocurrencies and where do they come from?

    Cryptocurrency is a currency, also they are called "coins" protected by encryption technology. These monetary units have no physical analogue, they exist only in virtual space. Cryptocurrencies are protected from forgery, as they are encrypted information that can not be copied (the use of cryptography defined the prefix "crypto" in the name).

    There are cryptocurrencies which are mined on powerful computers, and which can not be mined. It all depends on their program, which can not be changed. Cryptocurrencies have almost all the main features of money, they have value, they can be used for exchange and accumulation. You can’t take it in your hands and touch. But this property of all modern money, we can only touch a credit card, and paper money in circulation less year by year. So fiat money has already become digital.

  • What is a Smart contract and what is it for?

    A smart contract is an electronic record of a transaction that has been entered into the blockchain of one of the cryptocurrencies, which cannot be changed. Our platform uses the Ethereum blockchain ERC20.

    Any your investment in the platform "CryptoSocrat", input and output of money or change in the investment portfolio are automatically recognized by Smart contract and enforceable in accordance with the change rate of the cryptocurrency included in the investment portfolio. This ensures that you receive the funds invested and profit from the growth of the cryptocurrency rate.

    To be included in the Ethereum blockchain ERC20, the platform "CryptoSocrat" uses its own token called - Crysto (CRST). This token in the process of development of the platform will be listed on the leading crypto-exchanges, will be sold and bought on them. It is very important for investors who invested to cryptocurrency in the ICO of the project "CryptoSocrat". By implementing appriciated tokens on the crypto-exchange, they will be able to benefit from investing in our project.

  • Why, unlike ordinary money, cryptocurrencies are always rising in price?

    Cryptocurrencies have a global advantage over fiat money. The issue of cryptocurrencies is limited by their programs. For example, Bitcoins will be issued only 21 million coins and none more. At the end of 2018, they have already issued about 17.3 million coins. It is believed that about 40% of them are lost by the owners. After all, eight years ago, Bitcoin was easily mined, cost thousandths of the US dollar and was of no value. People threw away old computers with Bitcoins and lost passwords to their wallets. It is worth mentioning that for the first time two pizzas were bought for Bitcoins, 10,000 Bitcoins were paid! Look at the Bitcoin exchange rate and calculate how many dollars it costs now. By the way, this man is still alive and well. But, most likely, he strongly regrets about that purchase.

    Only one conclusion can be drawn. Unlike fiat money, which any state prints as much as it wants, causing inflation, and using it to get into the pockets of citizens, most cryptocurrencies have a strictly limited issue, and always grow in price. As a result, being an excellent tool for multiplying your savings (wealth). Cryptocurrencies are doing a lot more of any revolution for the equitable distribution of wealth among people. You just have to trust them.

  • Why is the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency changing all the time?

    The value of cryptocurrencies is formed under the influence of human trust. A trust is determined by the herd instinct in human behavior. "Everybody buys bitcoin, and I’ll buy," the price increases. "Everyone sells cryptocurrency and I start selling", as a result, the price starts to fall. This is how the world market of any product or currency works. The price of cryptocurrency is formed by the psychology of people, their attitude to it.

    This process is characterized by over-regulation. There is good news about the penetration of cryptocurrencies into our world, they are replicated by the media, and now everyone needs a cryptocurrency. The price passes the level of natural growth and goes further up in anticipation of growth. Then comes the sobering up, and the cryptocurrency rate is partially reduced, and reduced by waves. But at the same time, we always have a level of support that significantly exceeds the price that the cryptocurrency had before the start of the pump. The pump is the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency, and the dump is its fall. If we analyze the Bitcoin growth chart, we will see several such four-year cycles of Pump & Dump. Basically, the price of any cryptocurrency is growing this way. You should understand this before you buy cryptocurrency. 

    When the cryptocurrency is growing strongly, do not be very happy, because soon there will be a fall. When the cryptocurrency falls, do not be upset, because the lower point of the price - the level of support - will always be several times higher than it was before the pump. According to such laws, the cryptocurrency is growing through over-regulation. But at the same time, it is always growing. You may not worry for your savings in the cryptocurrency, if your investment will be long-term: for a few years. Crypto-enthusiasts claim that in 18 months Bitcoin always grows twice. You can check it yourself on the Bitcoin growth chart.

  • Is there a forecast of the growth of cryptocurrencies?

    In principle, cryptocurrencies should eventually replace fiat money in all spheres of human activity. They are reliable and impossible to fake. They are not subject to inflation, it is a pleasure to pay them, payments around the world take place in minutes. There is no single transaction processing center, information is stored on millions of users' computers, and this information can neither be hacked nor changed. This will be the reason for their growth under the condition of limited emission, which is incorporated in the indestructible programs of cryptocurrencies. And if you want, you can always make cryptocurrency payments anonymously and without taxes.

    Let's ask ourselves: how much money and their surrogates have already been issued by mankind? The fact is that all countries, corporations and enterprises of the modern world produce surrogates of money.

    The United States produced an estimated $100 trillion. The rest of the world printed about the same amount of money. The world has issued securities, bonds, shares and other derivatives worth many times more than money circulation, estimated at $800 trillion. In total, we have a fiat-money and pseudo-money supply in the amount of more than one quadrillion US dollars. It's a one with 15 zeros.- 1 000 000 000 000 000 ahhh! 

    And all the current capitalization of cryptocurrencies in the middle of 2018 is 220 billion US dollars. It looks like this - 220 000 000 000 ahhh! 

    Elementary calculation shows that to replace the fiat quadrillion US dollars, the capitalization, and hence the cost of cryptocurrencies should grow by an estimated 4545 times! For example, one Bitcoin will eventually cost about $30 million.

    You say: fiction? That's possible. But if we consider that since the creation of the value of Bitcoin has already increased by 1.3 million times, then it is not quite fantastic, or not fantastic at all?

    There is such a curious forecast for the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate. We believe you will not be amiss to read it.



  • When is the best time to invest in cryptocurrency?

    Oddly enough, the best to invest in the cryptocurrency is during general despondency about its fall. Precisely in this time that far-sighted traders make long-term investment of their funds in cryptocurrency. And when the next Pump comes, a sharp increase in rates, the crypto currency is sold, the capital is taken to stablecoin or fiat currencies, for example, dollar and euro. Of course, for all these transactions, the exchange, where exchange is, сommission is taken, but it is absolutely insignificant compared to the multiple increased profits. 

    But the so-called "crypto hamsters" do the very opposite. They, obeying the herd instinct, run to buy coins that have already grown in price on good news, and when the Dump comes, and the news becomes bad, they hurry to get rid of the cryptocurrency. 

    This is the one. Don't act like "crypto hamster". Enter the market at low coin value. Invest in our secure, trust-managed crypto fund right now. And you are sure to reap the generous benefits of their timely investment. But do not forget that everything related to cryptocurrencies, you do at your own risk. Have successful investments!