Smart mobile application for easy investing in cryptocurrency portfolios

Cryptofund and mini stock exchange in your pocket

CryptoSocrat - your personal manager to multiply your money

Invest in cryptocurrency, regardless you've never done it before!
Especially now, when cryptocurrency rates are at their lowest.

the Dollar depreciated 100 times over 100 years

the Ruble depreciated 100 000 times over 28 years

Bitcoin went up in price 1 300 000 times for 8 years

Dash went up 1020 times over 4 years

Ethereum increased over 200 times 3 years

What currency will you invest in?

Cryptocurrencies are highly reliable and steadily grow in price.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, their blockchain is stored on millions of computers.

So no one can ban them.

Today they are an ideal tool for long-term investments.

Where a novice investot can buy cryptocurrency?

How to buy it without risk and at a fair price?

Where is the best place to store cryptocurrency investments?

What cryptocurrencies should be collected in the investment portfolio and in what proportion?

How many crypto-wallets do I need to have for different cryptocurrencies?

Just download the CryptoSocrat app and transfer the money from your credit card to your personal account.

The Application will automatically buy the eight most reliable cryptocurrencies for you, and place them in the investment portfolio in a favorable proportion.

There is no need to have many crypto-wallets for different cryptocurrencies with their own passwords and ID.

It's simple, one app - one password.

Nowadays it is possible to accumulate and increase funds for the warm existence in your old age only with the help of investments in crypto-currency portfolios. Use CryptoSocrat app for it.

The most important priority for a young family is their own apartment. CryptoSocrat app will help you to rise and increase savings to buy your own appartment.

Any modern family wants to buy a comfortable car. Save and multiply money for your favorite car in CryptoSocrat app.

Mind that cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, i.e. they quickly change their price. When they go up in price - everyone is happy, when they fall - people are upset. But don't act like crypto-humsters that buy cryptocurrency when it has increased in price and sell when it has already fallen.

Investing in cryptocurrency portfolios requires wise patience and long-term investment.

Remember that cryptocurrency is always growing steadily over the years.

Bitcoin Cash

Download the app and invest in crypto-currency portfolios

Easily transfer money from the bank card to the application and withdraw them back

Link your credit card to the app and set up monthly investment

Easily recover your account in case of loss your smartphone or password

Follow the cryptocurrency rate forecast and make changes in your investment portfolio

Control inpayment and money withdrawal on the payment History tab

We are a reliable investment company

We have European jurisdiction and all the necessary licenses to work with cryptocurrency.

Transit currency accounts in a reliable European Bank.

We guarantee the growth of your invested capital in direct accordance with the growth of cryptocurrencies included in your investment portfolio.

Cryptocurrency funds are stored on offline cold accounts without Internet access.

CryptoSocrat is a platform aimed to accumulate and multiply your personal wealth. By investing to the app, you get access to a fast-growing class of digital assets. Now our team presents you with the CryptoSocrat Basis application, but we are not going to stop, and in the nearest future develop and offer you a Premium CryptoSocrat Gold account that will help you increasing your wealth.